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The Foxes of Caminus Series
Book 1:

The Gin Entanglement

Fraternal twins, Anya and Harlie Fox are lured from their cozy Atlanta home and deposited on an uncharted island with a riddle to solve. That's when the teenagers' lives get complicated; they discover they and their friends have some extraordinary talents. When intruders infiltrate their academy, espionage, kidnapping and murder follow, and the twins are drawn into one of the oldest conflicts in human history. They must challenge their own sense of truth and reach across lines of belief to come out of it alive. The odds are long, the stakes are high and the future of the island hangs in the balance.

Caminus (kah-MEEN-us) Island

Map of Caminus Island

Gate design used with permission by www.OwenGabbertDesigns.com

Preview The Foxes of CaminusThe Foxes of Caminus by Laura Burroughs

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