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About the Author

Born and raised in East Point, Georgia, Laura Burroughs knew she wanted to be a writer, almost before she knew what writing was. When she wasn't asking questions, making mud pies, or concocting potions, she was investigating the intricacies of words. From poems and short stories she penned in grade school, to news and magazine articles in recent times, she has long recorded her reflections through writing.

After earning a degree in education from Vanderbilt University, Ms. Burroughs received her Masters and Specialists degrees from Georgia State University and taught science and literature to teenagers in Georgia's public schools for a number of years, passing her love of science and writing to another generation.

With The Foxes of Caminus series, the author continues her love affair with words, as she tracks the exploits of twin teenagers who find themselves on a mysterious island among complete strangers, some of whom do not wish them well.

In her first novel, The Gin Entanglement, the writer's literary talents are on full display. Her second book chronicling the continuing adventures of Harlie and Anya Fox is now underway.

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