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Glossary Terms

Aggregate Neural Network (also known as ANNie) system of patterns (created by Genny) and algorithms that integrate security and intelligence for Caminus Academy. Unlike the World Wide Web, ANNie evaluates the source of the information it receives, and prioritizes the importance of the information before sending it to Genny.

Cockalorum (KOCK-ah-LOR-ahm) someone who brags loudly and often, usually without good reason.

Fluffanutter (FLUF-n-NUT-ter) sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff; Anya often substitutes hazelnut spread for the peanut butter.

Gengnosphere (JEN-nos-FEER) also known as Genny, literally means the environment where knowledge is created; It is a spherical building housing a powerful computer system that creates patterns of the greatest minds throughout history, allowing them to interact with scholars and dons—and each other, to generate new ideas and constantly expand our knowledge base.

Gin A machine used for separating unlike materials. For example, a cotton gin separates the cotton fibers from the hull.

Injil Arabic term for the original Gospels of Jesus.

Lickspittle (LIK-SPI-tl) derogatory term indicating someone is insignificant, like spit licked from the lips.

Metacognizance (MET-a-COG-ne-ZANZ) pertaining to functions of the mind.

NEROC  (NEE-ROK) Negative Refraction Optical Camouflage; technology using super fine metamaterial fabric to bend light around a person to make them nearly invisible to others.

Pom (Pahm) personal organizational multitool worn on the wrist like a watch; the dons have versions that are disguised to look like part of their outfit, or are “built in.” Scholars refer to these as donpoms because they allow the dons to control certain aspects of the Academy’s security.

Pudfud (PUD-FUD) Particularly-Unpleasant-Dissimenator-of-Fear-Unhappiness-and-Doubt.

Q-book small, powerful, quantum computers capable of manipulating the spin of a string of atoms to make complex superfast and supersecure computations and incredible hacking capabilities.

Quinn Gin machine that separates an individual’s quintessential energy from its body and holds that body in suspended animation.

Quintessential Energy the force that holds our bodies together and contains consciousness.

Skiptripping bodiless “travel” through dimensions of the multiverse; none of the travelers know if or when they go “back in time” because they can never be sure that they haven’t gone to a parallel universe or to a construct of their own mind.

Synbi  (SIN-bee) Synthesized Biological Entities; the synthesis of robots and biologic beings; more versatile than robots, they have both circuitry, neurons, biologic systems that self-repair, hardware and cloned organs encased in a metal alloy “skin.”

V-mail (VEE-mail) virtual mail; email in holographic form, messages stored in holograms can be checked at the recipient’s convenience.

Zero Point Field (also known as a vacuum state) lowest possible energy of a quantum mechanical physical system; contains electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence; in some theories, ZPF is a wave field that excites all systems present in the vacuum and creates their minimum energy.


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